• HI, i just wanted to let you know that enabling SSL causes my site to go into a redirect loop.
    The site already is a HTTPS site so i’m not sure that setting is needed in the first place.

    Thankfully i still had access to the backend so i could change it, but the first time this happened (a few months ago) i had to ask for help from my hosting provider.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Enabling the SSL module only ensures that your site cannot be accessed in non SSL mode.

    It does so by adding the following line to the wp-config.php file:

    define( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true ); // Redirect All HTTP Page Requests to HTTPS - Security > Settings > Secure Socket Layers (SSL) > SSL for Dashboard

    As a return favor could you please answer the following question:

    Does your wp-config.php file contain the following line:

    define(‘ITSEC_USE_CRON’, true);

    It’s highly recommended but it is poorly documented. As a result probably nobody is using it. You can read all about it in this topic.

    (Sorry, this got lost in my spam folder)

    Return favor ? wouldn’t that imply that you did me a favor first ?

    Anyway, no, wp-config.php does not contain that line.

    I used Softaculous in my cpanel to install wordpress, if that line is so highly recommended, maybe you should let the developers of Softaculous know.

    (No worries, happens all the time)

    Doesn’t responding to your topic qualify as a favor ?
    I guess not (in your perception). And that’s fine. We are all different.

    Does Softaculous install WordPress with the iTSec plugin included ?
    (Or perhaps it’s an installation option. I’m not familiar with Softaculous …)

    The line is specific for the iTSec plugin. Only when Softaculous installs WordPress with the iTSec plugin included (as a configurable install option or not) it would make sense to let the developers of Softaculous know about it.

    (this reply also went into spam, even though i said ‘not spam’)

    Normally, yes, responding helpfully to my thread would qualify as a favor.
    I wasn’t asking for help in this case, nor did you really help me in any real way (no offense).
    Anyway i’m not here to nitpick and i do appreciate you replying.

    No, Softaculous does not install iThemes security with wordpress or any other plugin.

    I didn’t know what that line of code was for.
    So if it’s not added by Softaculous or by WordPress itself, then shouldn’t the iThemes plugin be the one adding it ? if so, why didn’t it ? kinda sounds like a bug.
    Anyway, that is really not my job, but the developers.

    Or are you saying that somehow i should have known about that code and added it myself ?

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