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  • Plugin Author srussell13


    This plugin is fully functional except for access to additional networks and the additional larger size icons (due to filesize installation size).

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, You Tube, Email, RSS, Favorites, External Links, Website, Contact Us, More Info and Chat work immediately on installation without activation.

    We try to upsell this plugin as there was significant time that went into code development and graphics creation of all the themes.

    Is it fully functional?

    Q. How do I access all the icons? A. The free version of this plugin has limited access to certain social networks. If you would like to receive a registration code to unlock these, please consider making a donation.

    Plugin Author srussell13


    Yes the admin section is 100% functional. See my previous post.

    I saw your previous post. I was asking for clarification of your statement.

    While the plugin admin section may be fully functional, I suspect what the OP is probably focusing on is the subject of the excerpt from the FAQ that I pointed out above. I myself, find the statement ambiguous at best, when combined with your assurance that it’s fully functional.

    Specifically, is it to be interpreted as:

    1) the free version of the plugin is fully functional with access to all the social networks, however functionality is reduced on some of those networks until a donation is made.

    Or should it be interpreted as:

    2) the free version of this plugin has access to only a few of the available social networks until you make a donation.

    [edit] and I see you’ve edited your previous post now as well.

    Plugin Author srussell13


    I believe the original review states that the plugin “will not work unless you pay him”, which, depending on the intepretation, is not correct.

    Your second statement “the free version of this plugin has access to only a few of the available social networks until you make a donation.”, which does help clarify the access to the icons, can certainly be updated in the FAQ.

    An email with a download link has to be sent to the personal who purchases the full version for a manual installation since the file size to too large to host on

    I have been more than happy to send the unlock code to anyone who has sent an email directly to me even if they have not made any type of donation.

    James, does they help clarify?

    It does. Thank you!



    That is not true, you can select 3 icons, and even when you remove an icon it said go to the paid version. So the title is correct.

    Plugin Author srussell13


    I just install version 0.30 on a new site downloaded from the and these icons are 100% functional in the widget and shortcode in this order with no activation key.

    Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, Pinterest, Email, RSS, Add To Favorites, External Link, Website, Info 1, Info 2, Chat, Contact Us, Print and Blank. That’s 16 icons total.

    I might suggest to deactivate and delete any prior versions and get the latest version from SVN and reinstall.

    I did offer you an activation key at no charge in the other thread. The offer is still valid.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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