• I tested this on two different sites, one almost clean, another one well up and running. The same result on both of them. Misconfigured references in the database and wordpress error messages. Its no longer possible to save data to the database. This obviously also includes trying to install or unistall plugins. The website is dead in the water.

    Been troubleshooting this for a while now, reading other users experiences with this plugin. The takeaway is that this is a kind of “Install and see how it goes” kind of deals.

    Sitting here waiting to load in my backup, but guess what 🙂
    This plugin used over 100.000 database-updates to run once. My webhost has a limitation on 100.000 udates pr. hour, so no backup goes back in for the next hour.

    If for some reason one of your hobbies are to run head first (as fast as you can) into a brick wall, and by that I mean try to install this plugin……..Pretty Please, with sugar on top, take a fresh backup 🙂

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    Hi @jarld,

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions.

    We took over the plugin in January, 2024, and have not had any other reports similar to this. The plugin also has over 80,000 active installations, so if this were a widespread issue I’m sure we would have seen many complaints by now.

    We’d be happy to help troubleshoot (since this is a free plugin, the forums are the the best place for that). I hope we could also get more information so we can take any steps necessary to help ensure that something like this doesn’t happen to someone else as well!



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    Hi Andrew.
    I believe this works just great (when it works) hence the 80.000 active installations, with quite an ordinary amount of unhappy users.

    But still, a pretty basic WP install, no plugins, a few pages, standard theme, and it goes “haywire” from the getgo. Not a good sign 🙂

    My best guess (in my case) is that it had something to do with the language I use.
    In Norway we use letters that don’t excist in En / US language. But as I said, this is just guessing, based on some observations that pointed in that direction.

    Happy coding Andrew, and have a great day/night/evening/morning! Whatever fits your timezone 🙂

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