• Very good plugin with the worst premium support I have ever seen.

    When I buy this I ask for the bill, and it costs me months to get this.

    Now, When I have updated the plugin, seems there’s a incompatibility with the key plugin, so no premium features are available. I asked for it through a support ticket in their official website, and 10 days after and still they didn’t give me any response. There are premium users with the same problem and after 4 months they still didn’t answer them. You can check that in the public support threads.

    Don’t trust them when they say users the do answer all premium users but maybe the client didn’t see it because of an e-mail spam logarithm: you can check if there’s answer trough an official link.

    I don’t think it is a scam, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have the time to answer users, which is unacceptable for a plugin you have paid for.

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