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  • This is a post to warn anyone considering the use of the SHIFT This “Newsletter” plugin to NOT do it.

    There is NO support. NONE, NADA, LESS THAN ZERO.

    You’ll get personal email suggesting how great it is to SELL you on it, but after your $$ is gone, ZERO email. Marcus has reopened his forum but discontinued his contact form… what does that say to you?

    And if you go to the forum and post… you won’t get answers… the documentation is lame and the developer worse.

    THIS IS A COMMERCIAL PLUGIN. Or so the developer sells it as. Too bad the developer isn’t professional.

    DON’T BUY IT. Read the forum.

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  • Thanks for the headsup

    Can understand your view, syncbox.

    I bought the plugin and struggled to get it to work (it blew up early on). I only managed to get it working again thanks to a suggestion on the forum somewhere from another user.

    I agree this is badly supported for a commercial product. I even bought a second copy (that makes me TWICE a customer!) for a client site. That blew up immediately (making me look stupid). Maybe it’s not the plugin – but without any support, how would I know?

    I just checked the forum over at Shift This and there’s no reply to my query – and you’re right, the forum is full of negative press. Just look at the tags!

    Its a real shame. That plugin is half-way to being a great product and with the right attitude, the guy could have made a lot of money. With a little more work and a LOT more support, I would have bought copy after copy for my clients, and I’m sure other designers would have, too.

    I will have to agree with syncbox, I got this plug-in to work only in one case, but caused major headaches on some other sites. Anyone know of any good alternative?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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