• I had 2 problems with this plugins (the free one and the 2 sold) : the plugin is not fully translatable, even using Loco Translate. You have to edit the plugin files, which is painful and risky. The other problem was with the Google Calendar synch, that didn’t work for me even following step by step the documentation and reinstalling/retrying from scratch multiple times.

    I opened a ticket. Waited and waited. After 6 days, I asked for a refund. Suddenly, someone was ready to help me. It was too late, I already found another solution that works well on my site.

    THEY REFUSED TO REFUND THE PLUGINS ($200!) despite being 6 days after buying it, and asking repeatedly for assistance without being answered!

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  • Hi @sebastienbrochot

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced.

    Regarding the translations of static strings, the plugin is fully equipped to handle them. Could you please provide further details on the specific static string you were unable to edit?

    As for your query, under normal circumstances with the appropriate WordPress and server settings, there shouldn’t be any limitations. Please ensure that your server limits are correctly configured according to the required limits

    Our support team remains at your disposal to assist with any inquiries you may have.


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    This is outrageous. You don’t respond to a support ticket for 7 days, but the second I ask for a refund you react within minutes.

    What a lack of respect for your customers! You don’t honor your commitments, and when a customer asks you to honor your policy, you refuse to refund! Here it is: «StylemixThemes provides 14 days Money Back Guarantee only for sales on https://stylemixthemes.com/. During this period, you are free to get your money back in full if you are not satisfied for any reason with the whole range of services provided by our plugins.»
    You should be reported.

    If you had tested your plugin properly, you would have noticed that the translation works on a wide screen, but not on a smartphone (the text then appears in English) or in the WooCommerce shopping cart. Translating these terms is not possible via LocoTranslate, but only by modifying the plugin’s source files.

    I tested the 3 plugins (the free plugin and the two paid plugins) on 2 different WordPress platforms, with an up-to-date WordPress. The Google Calendar synchronization plugin didn’t work on either site, with two different errors.

    I opened a support ticket with the subject “Fatal error” and you didn’t reply for a whole week! This is insulting to your customers.

    We are prepared to issue a refund and assist you in resolving this matter in a mutually beneficial manner. Could you please respond to the ticket you submitted?

    Please kindly note that the WordPress reviews section is not the appropriate platform for discussing refund processes and Pro plugins in general.

    Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


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    UPDATE: After battling it out, I finally got my money back (although I had to open a PayPal dispute to do so).

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