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  • Hello ,

    Please understand this warning. I purchased a Lifetime license and paid $150.00 to Zingrri I think they sold the plugin to i-plugins . I got an email one day that my account was transferred to i-plugins. Ok fine so I need some support for SSL issue since day one it has been a problem.

    I went to i-plugin site and my account was not found , I could not login. So I registered not once twice and now for my third time.
    I have come to realize they are not honoring what I have paid for the plugin already. Now I need to pay additional 50.00 are you kidding me ? anyway to my point this company just kept deleting my account . I kept registering not thinking anything of it but they just removed it . So lets see some clear information. I only had the plugin for about 4-5 months. Never got my money’s wroth. Just go look at their site would you do business with a site like that ? Don’t you get that feeling maybe you should not purchase from them?. Go with your gut don’t do it.

    1) No support
    2) Site unfished
    3) not fully working plugin since day 1
    4) After todays upgrade its not working anymore i need to pay for more.
    5) I open a ticket 3 days response time.
    I am going to get [ link deleted, please do not post links in reviews ] for 19 BUCKs 1 year support

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  • Lol interesting as I have the exact opposite experience as you. I think you are upset with the company as opposed to how the module works. In my opinion (just judging the module) it is a truly amazing module that works exactly as advertised. It would be interesting to hear your opinion about the new module after 5 months of use. Please keep us posted.

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    Hello weaklinks,

    No accounts have been deleted, at all, so I’m not what has given you the idea that your account has been deleted, why would we do that?

    If you read our announcements, the one-time license holders need to submit a ticket to get updates if their purchase was less than 1 year ago.

    If there was some sort of misunderstanding in your ticket please submit your ticket ID and I will look into it for you.

    If you refer to Zingiri, all “One Time” license holders were charged an annual support fee for updates, which we have cancelled since we took over from Zingiri.

    Unfortunately we will not and do not offer free lifetime support as we do need to maintain income to continue development.

    If you need help, simply submit a support ticket. We operate Mon-Fri CET and deal with tickets as quickly as we can.

    Thank you.

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