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  • I have used the pro version for some time, i.e. I am a paying customer. I consider this to be a mistake, to be honest because their customer service sucks.
    Here’s what goes on.
    They have a chat system installed on their official website, where you can chat with an actual person. The person, however, cannot help with technical issues. It is a pre-sale chat only. So, what that means is that, when it comes to them collecting your money, they have instant chat and support, but when it comes to them to help you with a technical issue THEIR plugin has (like not being able to update for some reason), you must go ahead and post a ticket. And they are in fact happy to tell you that the max. waiting time is 48 hours.
    When I asked, can’t you send the information from the chat, I already told you what the problem is, I was told that they can only send the transcript to me, so that when I create my ticket I won’t have to type it all again. Brilliant! And the representative concluded that this is company policy.

    My observation so far, this is not a company, but perhaps a small team of 2-3 people who don’t have their priorities straight.
    So, again, the plugin works, it does have issues, and depending on what you need it for, you will end up having to make tweaks yourselves to make it work as you want.

    But no doubt at all in my mind that this is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. Do not buy it if you are not ready to deal with that.

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    Hi M. Z.

    We are really sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience with our pre-sales chat and support.

    We strive to make it clear on our webpage that our chat service only handles pre-sales question. We’ll be happy to find a way to make it more evident in the future. We would be happy to hear suggestions too.

    Having a chat only for pre-sales questions allows our developers to focus on support from the ground up, without interference in communication. That specialist will be able to thoroughly analyze the problem and come up with a fix.

    This is a process that’s not always simple. We understand that waiting can be frustrating, so that’s why we commit ourselves to replying support tickets in a maximum of 48 hours – while we actually reply them before that time.

    Also, it’s important to point out that we have extensive documentation for all plugins and are open to suggestions on how to improve them.

    Again, we are sorry if the service was not satisfactory.


    Thank you so much for your immediate reply!
    I never said that the pre-sales support was bad. They helped me find the right solution to what I was looking for. So, on the contrary, pre-sales chat are absolutely amazing.

    All I am saying is that if you court your prospect customers, and provide them with a nice and working chat system that helps them find the things they need, you should also consider providing a similar fast-working solution for the customers who have already made a purchase. Also, I find it hard to understand why if I have already told pre-sales about a problem, they can’t refer it to the correct department. Yes, I have made a mistake contacting them, but it was not a willing mistake, these things happen.

    This is the only frustration I have with support. That they are not communicating efficiently between them. As far as technical issues go, the ticketing system works, and I have always received sollutions to my issues, but anyone would agree that the faster solution is better (chat system vs ticketing).

    Thank you for you apology, and professional attitude, I will gladly edit my previous review in due time. I know that again I will receive support with the current issue I have.

    Thank you!

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