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  • Not to be mean but this plugin has a very serious flaw for WooCommerce users. The Product images in WooCommerce utilize Asynchronous Javascript Action eXchange (AJAX) to present the options available for the product. This plugin completely blocks that functionality taking all the images we work very hard to place off the page. It also disrupts the light box function that is also used by WooCommerce as well as an assortment of other plugins.

    That and it didn’t do a thing to help my PageSpeed Insights score, which is the entire point of using the plugin.

    Unless and until the developer of this plugin repairs the AJAX error that knocks all the images off the WooCommerce product pages and corrects the code for actually eliminating the render blocking JS and CSS that Google doesn’t like, there really isn’t a reason to bother with this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author David Clough



    Thanks for the feedback, however, the issues you experienced would not have been related to the Async JavaScript plugin, but rather how you configured it. Async JavaScript runs on many, many WordPress websites using WooCommerce without any problems, you just need to spend some time to understand what Async JavaScript does and how to configure it for best use for your website.

    Unfortunately you have failed to provide any information about the settings you used, errors you received etc so being able to help you is impossible. If you had of asked for help I would have been more than happy to work with you to achieve the best outcome possible.

    Regarding PageSpeed, I would ‘guess’ (again no details to make an informed decision have been provided) that the Render Blocking items being displayed were CSS files? Async JavaScript does just that, its allows JavaScript to be loaded asynchronously. Async JavaScript is not designed to work with CSS. There are many other plugins out there that will help remove CSS from Render Blocking. To improve PageSpeed results both JavaScript AND CSS need to be removed.

    My ‘guess’ (again, details….) of why you were having problems with AJAX would be due to jquery.js being loaded with ‘async’ or ‘defer’. Did you try adding jquery.js to the exceptions list?

    If you need some help please ask, be it for Async JavaScript or any other plugin, rather than just assuming that the plugin is at fault. More often than not the issue is PEBCAK and a lack of understanding.

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