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  • If it worked with WordPress 5.1, I would use it.

    Sorry it’s not working for you but it’s working perfectly fine for me in WP 5.1 . Sounds like there’s a compatibility issue with some of your plugins or the theme you’re using.

    I have turned all my other plugins off and and it still does not load correctly. Their website says it’s only compatible up to WP 4.9.9

    I got it working fine in WP 5.1 with 23 other plugins installed, using a child theme of GeneratePress with the Classic Editor installed. This is the shortcode I used using the Classic Editor:

    [sonaar_audioplayer albums="52" show_playlist="true"][/sonaar_audioplayer]

    Are you using the new block editor aka Gutenburg?

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    Here’s a link to the topic I started on this:

    I’m using using the WordPress Theme “Wayfarer”

    Have you tried using any other themes like the TwentySixteen theme, just as a test? If it works in TwentySixteen (as it should), then the issue is with the theme you are using, not the plugin.

    Wayfarer looks like it’s a premium theme that you need to purchase. If you purchased this theme, I’m pretty sure it includes tech support for the issues you are having.

    Yes, I did purchase the Wayfarer theme. I have not tried another theme. So far, WP has been telling me it’s an MP3 Player problem because Sonaar has not certified their plugin for WP 5.1, and it’s not possible to use a down-revved version of WP. I will try another theme just to see.

    If you did purchase the theme, why don’t you contact the theme developers?

    Who said you can’t downgrade WordPress versions? That’s nonsense, it is very much so possible. There’s a plugin for it –

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    Good idea, but I expect the Theme developer will tell me the problem is caused by MP3 Player not being certified for WP 5.1, just like WP told me. But if I can show that MP3 Player works on another theme, then perhaps the Wayfarer developer will listen.

    But I hate to take down my website (see; and risk losing my content and conflagrations so I can test a different theme.

    Good luck on figuring it out! Sometimes you just have to wait it out for an update to be released that fixes everything.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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