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  • I’m sure this works great if you have a paid account, but from my experience unless you cough up $14/mo for this is a useless plugin! Wasted my time. Should have listened to the other bad reviews on here.

    If you want any of the features that you’ll WANT and NEED, and do not have the money to pay (more than hosting actually) then move on because this plugin is not for you.

    Their website is also misleading because if you click on pricing it won’t say anything about if the free account gets skype access, which was the only reason I signed up. Once I signed up and tried to add skype is said” you must have a paid account for this feature” and their chat person was quick to point out the fact that they have a SEPARATE page which did not seem to be viewable through their menu of the comparrison… so you might want to check out just how little you’ll actually get before signing up.

    I’m all about buying paid for plugins, but this should not even be listed in the free plugins on in my opionion. It adds no functionality to wordpress, and only links your WP dashboard to your user account on and PLUGIN IS NOT NEEDED to use the program on your website as you still have to add code to your pages for it to work, which, if this was a good plugin, would be a feature that you would not have to do if these people had the brains to use API functionality.

    A plugin that adds no functionality is just adding more scripts and ways you can break your site. But I guess if people are too lazy to go login to their accounts at then I suppose it would be a solution, but I will not be using this plugin at all even if I do upgrade my useless free account because I don’t need extra scripts on the back end of the site that may potentially open up more opportunities to get hacked or break the site when using other plugins.


    Not even worth a 1 star….

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  • Plugin Author Sam Ambati


    Hi Crazywpgeek,

    The plugin comes with our free plan. As with any other service, there are few feature limitations on the free plan. It is not viable for us to run Skype for free users and we charge if you would like to use Skype and other additional features of ClickDesk.

    In our pricing page too there’s clear “compare plans” link just under the pricing table which details all the available features you’d get in each of the plans. It is not possible for us to give the while list on the pricing page. We got HUGE list of features. 🙂

    You need NOT paste code manually if you are using this plugin. The plugin ADDS functionality to your wordpress. I’m not sure why you mentioned this. But, upon loggin in, the live chat code gets automatically inserted to your site in the footer section. If this didn’t happen for some reason, then it could be due to some other customized themes/plugins.

    The javascript is loaded asynchronously and need not be worried about any page load issues or any potential hacks that could occur. This is as secure as your Google analytics code. The dashboard is also fully SSL certified.

    The free plan offers 30 chats/month and comes with Google talk IM support and our latest webchat panel for the agents to use.
    I think the limit is good enough for anyone looking to increase their sales or provide live help on the website.
    The price you pay (optional) gives unlimited access to receive chats, use Skype IM and other customization and advanced features. In most cases, the one lead you convert through the live chat would pay for the service for one whole year. It’s the “value” ClickDesk offers through the combo solution. You may also note that we are the only major provider in the industry to offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

    You can contact our live chat support or write to if you have any questions. We have 1 day SLA for tickets on business days.

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