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  • TL;DR pick any other gateway. This is clearly an afterthought from SumUp.

    Gosh what a mess. For some reason the test mode checkbox has disappeared. Was assured by support that with a test oAuth app no funds would be taken. Not true – the test setup did debit real cash. Why was I using a real card? Because SumUp do not have test cards and the card needed to be valid. Any valid card numbers were being declined so gave real card details.

    Support – omg. Friendly enough but the whole setup, even in test is completely babysat by support. If you were planning on spending the afternoon setting up your test site you won’t get very far at all as support need to enable the relevant settings in your account which takes 24-48 hours. I already had a fully functioning production account being used for physical POS, so this should have been a breeze. But no, we had to go back and forth so that support could tick a greyed out checkbox I couldn’t be trusted to tick myself.

    Oh and we were having a great back and forth getting the support I needed, but when I mentioned cash was taken from my account in test, radio silence. If this is the level of support to go live and give SumUp money, I dread to think what level of support I would get if I had a production issue.

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