• jefftgefm


    What seems great on paper doesn’t work so well in use. I tried out this plugin so that I could easily manage the scheduling of stories using the calendar feature. Well, several times now I have been burned. When I try to change the scheduled publish time, it automatically publishes the post but STILL shows it as “scheduled” for the new time both in the dashboard and on the front end of the webpage (eg- I changed the scheduled post from 2pm to 3pm, it posted immediately at 11:06am, but even the blog post itself shows that it was published at 3pm… it isn’t even 3pm yet!)

    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, well… shame on me again.

    Fool me three times though, and the plugin goes into the trash with a negative review.

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  • Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    Really sorry that you faced the issue. But this is an OpenSource Project, we rely in user feedback as well. what you describe should not happen unless you configured it to be, so if you face any bug, you are supposed to report, so we could solve or guide you, I don’t see any Support Ticket by you here.

    Would really appreciate it if you have given us a chance to solve it in the first place.

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