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  • Doesn’t work with the WordPress comments system – creates it’s own separate system that doesn’t apply to all the things that WP comments apply to. So you’d have to hide/delete any existing comments. Incorrectly displays usernames. Settings page full of typos. Features advertised on plugin page do not exist in the plugin.

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    I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but I see that you are a new Plugin Author for this new plugin here: and typically Plugin Authors work together to resolve any issues/problems and do not just post random 1 star reviews without first trying to work with other Plugin Authors by posting in the plugin’s forum support area. I see that you did the same thing for this plugin as well:

    …popup appeared warning me that if I set it up now I would not be able to set it up ever again…

    All well coded software should have error messages to warn you of potential problems. There are no error messages in BPS that state anything like “you cannot set it up ever again” because that does not make any sense whatsoever to do something like that. I believe you misread and misunderstood the error message.

    How would you feel if both the Simple Ajax Insert Comments Lite Plugin Author and I give your plugin a 1 star review/rating based on your decision to leave 1 star reviews/ratings for other Plugin Authors? Since your Plugin is new and you do not have any reviews/ratings yet then having two 1 star reviews/ratings for your Plugin would pretty much ruin any chances of your Plugin gaining any traction/popularity.

    As a fellow Plugin Author I am politely asking you to reconsider your 1 star review/rating of the BPS plugin and either change it to something that is reasonable or request that a WP Moderator delete your 1 star review/rating.

    Thank you

    This plugin is not supported in the support section, and I think if you try it out you will be able to confirm the points I’ve made here. You’ll also find the majority of people who have tried this plugin out and used the support section or reviews have had a less than stellar experience.

    Yep, I see that, but as a Plugin Author yourself you should probably try to work with this Plugin Author in this Plugin’s support forum area first before leaving a 1 star review/rating. Personally I feel like that is a fair approach generally and is a logical flow whether you are a user or a Plugin Author. 😉

    And it makes you look like you made a genuine effort to work with a plugin author if you first create a support forum thread. If the plugin author does not respond in a reasonable amount of time to your support forum thread then you can post the link to your support forum thread as a reference to show that the plugin author is not very responsive or supporting the plugin any longer. Overall this helps other users out and says something positive about you personally. 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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