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    On the surface this appears to be a fantastic plug-in. The free version posted here is broken. The open house feature messes up your property listing layout and there is no way to turn it off. The plug-in author was made aware of this, almost a year ago, and he made the corrections for his paid version. Sadly, he would rather you buy this correction, instead of updating it here.

    After researching the code, I noticed that the issue with the page layout was deliberate. The author has created “fake pages” to prevent you from adding content to the plug-in pages. This also causes problems with the page titles in most themes. The program was originally written using the standard WordPress methods, but was changed prior to publishing. Why?

    I realize this author comes to us from Joomla and he apparently does not grasp what makes WordPress great. No one here is afraid to support a great plug-in. Had the author provided a working plug-in and offered additional features for a fee, not only would I have given a 5 star rating, but I would have also bought his enhancements. I will not be paying for updates to a broken free plug-in.

    The method for adding a gallery to the property listing is quite confusing. After playing with it for a while, it does allow for a lot of flexibility for adding pictures to the property listing. The issue is, most “Agents” don’t want a complicated way to do things and if it’s too confusing, they won’t use it. Administrators don’t want agents to have access to all of the sites media. This could have easily been avoided by limiting the media content to the agent or company uploads.

    What good is it to be able to list the company if you can’t see the agents associated with that company or see the agents and not be able to see which properties that agent posted?

    The plug-in should have included at least a basic search feature for bedrooms, baths and price. If they want to charge for an advanced search add on, that would be acceptable. As it is now, it is worthless if you have more than a handful of properties.

    Finally, the plug-in author does not seem to support non-subscribers or answer emails from potentially new subscribers. Many support issues have gone unanswered and they do not respond to emails.

    If the plug-in author were to address and correct these issues, I’d be happy to change my rating. I’d also like to point out that it is more profitable to have thousands of customers purchase add-ons at a reasonable price than it is to get a few dozen subscribers to pay a ridiculous fee for a bunch of stuff they may not want or need. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. Nobody likes lousy customer service.

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