• With the latest update, Easy Blocks added a GDPR cookie popup notification link to a 3rd party web site. Unacceptable. DO NOT add links or content to my site without my express permission. This is malicious and should be removed.

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  • Plugin Author Liton Arefin


    Hello @robbief,
    There’s nothing you’re thinking. I’m making things clear. GDPR Conscent Popup Block is important from 2018. You need to describe in “Privacy Policy” what kind of cookies and how your website operates.

    Please don’t get me wrong.
    Please take a look at Plugin Description I’ve listed on Upcoming Blocks.

    “GDPR Conscent” Block Added on last update. This block is only for users like you, I’m not grabbing any information. GDPR Conscent is necessary for now a days, by using this Block you can show Popup notification for your website. Nothing else is doing here. I’m not grabbing any information’s of yours or I will not let any others do the same thing.

    Like ‘Font Awesome’, ‘BootStrap’ I’ve used popular third party popup notification script. That’s it, it’s not maleware and not affect you.

    I’m requesting you to Please re-consider your Rating.

    Thread Starter robbief


    I can add my own GDPR consent to my site. I don’t need an unrelated plugin forcing it onto my site without permission (thereby causing me to have *two* of them since I already have one). Let alone, as is the case with your dialogue, a dialogue which includes an exit link to a 3rd party web site which I have not approved, directly added to my homepage. Yes, GDPR is important to abide by, but the tactic of a plugin developer adding it like this is not acceptable.

    Plugin Author Liton Arefin


    You’re absolutely right. I thought on a different way, users can add GDPR Consent from Gutenberg Editor on Specific page like “Homepage”. If you not use this Block no-where will appear this Block. Many users aren’t using an external Plugin, that’s why I thought if I apply GDPR in Gutenberg it will be great.

    I made a mistake. Last couple of days I’ve been working tirelessly, I’ve made few blocks(not released yet, I’m testing). Somehow GDPR files remain.

    This Block isn’t ready yet. I was Developing this Block and Other settings. There will be every single Options you mentioned.

    My aim is to Users can add their own GDPR Consent Block will take User Permission, Popup Close and other settings. It will not work properly.

    I’ve removed it and pushed an update. Please check it now. There’s no GDPR Consent.

    I’ve been working for this Plugin making better for the last couple of months, Invested my full time on it. A bad rating really hurts my efforts.

    As a human being, everyone will not think like me, but I appreciate your opinion and respect it.

    Again, I’m requesting you to reconsider your rating. I will grateful to you.


    @litonice13 if an website admin wants to make a cookie notice/GDPR related statement, he will look for one, don’t force things into people’s website, it’s not nice and you could get removed from wordpress.org repo.

    Check the review checklist.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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