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    Hello, I want to remove the avatar and logout options from the Donor Dashboard but I can’t….css won’t work and I’ve tried to hunt down the template without any luck.

    Can you please advise? Thank you!

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  • Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    Hi @shemakeswebsites!

    Happy to clarify here:

    The Donor Dashboard loads in an iframe to make it more resilient and hard for the theme to inadvertently break things with styles. That also makes it a bit more complicated to style.

    Here’s a screencast showing how to remove those items using PHP and CSS:


    And here’s the code snippet from that screencast:

    function override_form_template_styles_with_inline_styles() {
            .give-donor-dashboard-donor-info__avatar, .give-donor-dashboard-tab-menu a:first-child, .give-donor-dashboard-logout {
    add_action('wp_print_styles', 'override_form_template_styles_with_inline_styles', 10);

    If you need assistance implementing custom PHP code on your website we have this guide:


    Please note that this code snippet is provided as an example of how you can extend GiveWP with code. It’s up to you to implement and customize to your liking. We cannot provide support for custom code on your website, only the code that we create and distribute.

    ​​Let me know if that resolves things, or if you need further assistance. ​Thanks for using GiveWP! Have a great day.

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    Ben! This was super helpful – thank you very much.

    I do have another open issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/anonymous-giving-conflict/

    While I can hide the “Anonymous Giving” option that appears on the Donor Dashboard(which would resolve my issue with anonymous giving), I can’t target the “Additional Info” heading with css.

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    Oops, just figured out the class for that header: .give-donor-dashboard-tab-content>:nth-child(23)

    Resolved for me, thank you again very much.

    Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    You’re very welcome! Have a great weekend!

    Ben( @benmeredithgmailcom )! the solution you provided is very helpful.

    I have another query. I want to change the label of the menu item in the Donar Dashboard.
    E.g.: want to change the Dashboard to Donation Stats and the icon also.

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