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    Hi Allen,

    Thanks for such a great plugin. I am having a bit of trouble however getting the donations to record on the backend and was hoping you could help…I have tried everything I can think of and have searched these forums too.

    Basically the donations are going through, and both parties get a notification from paypal…but no thank you email, and we get no confirmation email generated from the plugin with the donor’s details. Their information does not get recorded in either the Donations or Donors pages. The thank you page/message also does not work. However, the test email does work.

    The log records the donor name, amount, and IPN, but nothing else. Our Paypal account is confirmed and the currency settings are as they should be.

    One note: we have our SMTP configured through the
    ‘Configure SMTP’ plugin to send through gmail, using authentification. I tried deactivating this plugin and it did not help. I am suspicious that our email settings are causing this though. Is there anything I might try to fix this?

    Thanks so much!


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  • Another note: all other email is working on our site. We use Contact Form 7 for something else, but the email from that does not send to our domain name addresses unless we have SMTP configured to send through gmail. I am not sure why.

    Still, I did not know if email settings could be causing the donations to not be recorded on the backend



    I am having the same problem. I actually am using the live setup mode and tried donating a $1. The paypal stuff works, the redirect to thank you page works but no email and no record of the donor. The test email works fine.

    I am using a WP3.8 install on a godaddy host.

    Also, the donation dollars radio buttons alignment are all messed up on IE11. They look fine when running Chrome.



    Hi everyone! Please send a copy of your log files to allen at allendav dot com and I will take a look.

    I will also look at the radio button alignment – please reply with your site’s URL (often this is related to theme issues.)



    I tried to send you an email to allen at allendav dot com and I got a error saying there is no such user (obviously I replaced all the words with characters).

    Just saw the correct email on your site and re-sent the email.



    Any luck on this? Did you get my email?



    I just ran another test based on some of the suggestions that I read in other posts. I set the IPN in my paypal account and ran a production donation of $1. Here is the log:

    2014-01-15 03:21:11 —————————————-
    2014-01-15 03:21:11 Donation transaction started
    2014-01-15 03:21:11 Name: he ha
    2014-01-15 03:21:11 Amount: 1
    2014-01-15 03:21:11 IPN:
    2014-01-15 03:23:06 —————————————-
    2014-01-15 03:23:06 Donation transaction started
    2014-01-15 03:23:06 Name: me mar
    2014-01-15 03:23:06 Amount: 1
    2014-01-15 03:23:06 IPN:
    2014-01-15 03:31:37 —————————————-
    2014-01-15 03:31:37 Donation transaction started
    2014-01-15 03:31:37 Name: Test Test
    2014-01-15 03:31:37 Amount: 1
    2014-01-15 03:31:37 IPN:
    2014-01-15 03:32:48 —————————————-
    2014-01-15 03:32:48 IPN processing start
    2014-01-15 03:32:49 IPN VERIFIED for session ID dgxdonate_76d4ff0edd_1389756636
    2014-01-15 03:32:49 Payment status = Pending
    2014-01-15 03:32:49 IPN processing complete
    2014-01-22 19:36:21 —————————————-
    2014-01-22 19:36:21 Donation transaction started
    2014-01-22 19:36:21 Name: test_first test_last
    2014-01-22 19:36:21 Amount: 1
    2014-01-22 19:36:21 IPN:
    2014-01-22 19:36:54 —————————————-
    2014-01-22 19:36:54 IPN processing start
    2014-01-22 19:36:55 IPN VERIFIED for session ID dgxdonate_615343dc94_1390419329
    2014-01-22 19:36:55 Payment status = Pending
    2014-01-22 19:36:55 IPN processing complete

    Still no thank you email even though the test email works. In the donor paypal account it says the status of the donation is “unclaimed”. When I log into the donation account, I see nothing. The donation account is not yet verified. Would this matter? Is there something else in the donation account that needs to be setup?

    The donation account must be verified before the payment status on donations will show completed. Until a donation status toggles from pending to completed, the donation thank you email will not be sent.

    If you verify your account with PayPal, everything should work.


    I found a bug that could cause this – please upgrade to 3.0.0 and that should do the trick.



    I am now having the same problem, we just starting taking donations on Monday and the first ones worked fine. The most recent one was not recorded, I just got the paypal email. I have been running on 3.0.0 since it was released. I will send you my log file as well.

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