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  • Resolved Nellea


    Hi there,

    I use Give plugin with the Chariton Theme for a non profit organisation.
    The donations work but the stays on waiting status, I don’t why it’s taking very long time (more than 10 days and still not achieved) I am wondering if it comes from Give plugin or Stripe ? I am a bit lost to help the organization, anyone can help me ?
    Thanks a lot,

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  • Plugin Support Matheus Martins


    Hey @nellea,

    Happy to help you!

    Based on your issue description, it looks like your donations are being marked as pending, correct? This is most often caused by a lack of the proper webhook (the only mechanism for sending data from Stripe to your GiveWP site) set in your Stripe account. The good news is that the fix is a few steps of copy-pasting, and we’ve documented it very thoroughly.

    The webhook endpoint is a URL that you need to copy and paste into a specific tab of the Stripe Dashboard and then configure to receive all events.

    Our documentation (with screenshots!) on setting up the webhook is here:

    If the webhook is correctly configured, you should see a record in the logs at Donations > Tools > Logs > Stripe for every event at Stripe (going forward).
    You’ll need to manually go through and mark the older ones as complete, using your Stripe account to cross-reference.

    Double-check that webhook and let us know if you need anything else.

    Also, it would be best if you made sure that all the pages related to GiveWP are whitelisted from your cache systems (it depends on the service you are using: a plugin or server). The URL includes:

    – any page with a donation form on it and/or the donation form URL itself
    – the /donation-confirmation/ page
    – the /donation-failed/ page
    – the /donation-history/ page
    – the /recurring-donations/ page (if applicable)

    After that, clear your browser’s cache and reaccess the donation form.

    Please let us know if you have further questions on this or need any additional assistance!

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