• Hi Edward,
    this plugin looks great.. it might be solution I was looking for .. for a while .. πŸ™
    I am playing with it a little bit to proceed to purchase then.

    I have encountered a couple of issues related with the donation shortcode:

    The plugin is working Ok. in general, I tested the connection and it went Ok. I did some tests and worked fine for payments.. however when I try to use the donation shortcode, It works ok. It displays the icons, the prices, etc.. but when I press the icon to proceed to donate, it does nothing.. . I placed the donation shortcode within a page, as a shortcode in elementor. The coins I am using are: BUSD, BNB, BTC, CAKE, MATIC, and USDC.. none of them seem to launch the wallet to proceed to pay. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Please advise.

    1) Does Donations require WC or EDD to be activated..?. For this project I just need some buttons to donate, I am just using a base Astra theme + Elementor to build, no order-purchase workflow, so I don’t use WC or EDD.

    2) I have created 3 donations shortcodes, but when I go to the Donation settings I can’t find them anymore, are these shortcodes stored somewhere that I can go and pick any of those I have created already.


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  • Plugin Author edward_plainview


    1. Donations shortcodes are just a nice way of displaying your currency address. We don’t monitor donations in any way.

    2. No. Creating shortcodes is a one-off thing. If you’re missing a currency, just create a new shortcode.

    MCC is primarily a payment gateway, and not any way to handle donations. We don’t monitor donations. We monitor payments to your webshop.

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