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    We still have the problem with missing data in the donations.
    se (
    We have set up a testing site, where we cloned the deafult site to and then made a rollback on give.
    The missing donations data came back but instead newer donations made after the first time the problem occured was missing instead.

    We have tried to export the old data and the new data (different files) but our installation don’t allow import of *.csv files. We have tied to get the installations to allow CSV but it seems to be a server issues so we have contacted our hostprovider.

    BUT – is there anything else we could try? On the test site we did use the Give Database HealthCheck plugin to repair database but no change.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi there!

    Thanks for the update. So, let me summarize what your new work tells us:

    1. Because you can see the donor names of the OLD donations on the test site AFTER rolling back Give, that confirms that those donations STILL have the old data in the old place instead of the new place in the database

    2. Because on the live site, with Give updated, you CANNOT see the donor information, we know that the old data was not properly migrated to the NEW database location.

    In summary, the DB update routines we built into Give are not working correctly.

    My suspicion is a limitation or security issue with your webhost. If you are able to view you database on the NEW test site, can you confirm whether you see these database tables?

    • wp_give_donationmeta
    • wp_give_donormeta

    If they are there, then install that Database Healthcheck plugin again (while on the OLD version of Give), and run those updates again. Then, update to the latest version of Give (on the test site) and run all the database updates again.

    Make sure on your Test site that you have all other plugins deactivated, and that you do not have any Database caching or security plugins running at all (check with your webhost about that as well).

    Ideally, that will get it resolved for you on the Test site, then you can migrate that data to the live site manually.

    I wish this were easier for you, but I’m fairly certain this is a webhost security issue, something that there’s no way we could prevent or compensate for.

    Keep me posted.

    Ok we havn’t solved everything but.

    1. The real site has the data tables wp_give_donationmeta

    2. As you suggested we tried to “…then install that Database Healthcheck plugin again (while on the OLD version of Give), and run those updates again. Then, update to the latest version of Give (on the test site) and run all the database updates again.”
    BUT we could not get the Healtcheck plugin to work – it dosen’t say update. We tried to erase and install not working. So we…

    3. Updated the Give plugin on testsite to 2.4 and all the old donors dissapeard.

    4. So we tried to get a csv file up and SOLUTION = CSV import dosen’t work in WordPress version 4.9.9 and 4.9.10 . After downgrading to 4.9.8 the import work fine 🙂

    5. So trying to import the old donors to in Give Import on testsite works 🙂
    BUT creates new donations with new numbers ( kind of a duplicate) – but of course with all the information we were missing.

    6. This is good but – The client has used all Donor IDs as identification in their accounting so getting new donor IDs isn’t great

    7. So question – Can I import the right and missing information to the same donor IDS?
    Or do I have to:
    – downgrade to 4.9.8
    – runs csv import
    – delete the donations that has lost their infos?

    8. And Could there be an explanation to all problems in this eror code:

    And – The two different sites – test site and real site are hosted on different hosts.

    Kind regards,


    I just whant you to know that we solved it att last. We took a new testsite. And migrated that data to the live site manually.

    It is all working correct now. You can close this topic.

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Glad to hear it, thanks for the update.

    Moving database data around can be a real pain, but unfortunately there’s little we can do to resolve that for you. Glad it worked out though in the end, great work!

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