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  • I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this small problem:

    I started building a new WP site with a new hosting company (“company A”) under a new domain name ( The current domain ( is managed by another company (“company B”) and points to a TYPO3 website on another hosting company’s server (“company C”). We plan to drop that company and the TYPO3 website.

    The company I work for wants to keep the .COM identity so we can’t use the .CA domain we we go live. So my choices seem to be:

    1. Keep the WP site at company A but add an external domain or move to the domain – but this will cause a delay and potential loss of emails over 24-48 hours.

    2. Keep the WP site at company A but just point the .COM domain and make the URL – no email problem but might negatively effect Google ranking.

    3. Move the WP site to company A where the .COM domain is registered with – but I will have to transfer and fix (?) the database for the domain.

    I am not sure which is the best option.

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