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  • Hi,

    I am working on a WordPress website and want to customize its domain name. The site owner originally set up the domain name through Vistaprint. He then bought the domain name from them, so it was released. In order to get it onto the WordPress site, do I have to REGISTER it through WordPress? Or is it somehow already registered through Vistaprint and I just have to map the existing domain name? Is it possible and/or cheaper to register the name somewhere else, instead of through WordPress??

    I’ve already seen this:

    But basically, I don’t know what registering a domain name means, or what I have to do next. Any help would be wonderful — all of this stuff is relatively new to me.


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  • Vistaprint as in the get x amount of businesscards for free? they do domains, I did not know.

    Anyways, you need two things for your domains to be working.

    1) Domain
    2) Hosting
    3) Content

    Domain is like your home address 123 Main Street
    Hosting is like the property your house sits in
    Content is like your tv/bbq/pool/microwave.

    Hosting, you pay $5+ a month, you get x amount of space to put your files.

    Domain, people need to know where to go to see all those files.

    Do you have any hosting or do you just have the domain?

    By the way, technically speaking like tv/bbq/pool/microwave, you don’t need content but it would be a boring house/website.

    Good Guy


    You can use your existing domain on any website or blog because it is yours. All you need to do is point the domain to your website by either changing the domain nameservers (DNS for short) or using the IP address. I have setup a test site here using the IP address:

    I have changed the Domain Name Servers to point to this site:

    None of the domains were bought from the host(s).

    Hope this helps you but post back to get further assistance.

    Thank you both very much for your help! You are helping me gain a better understanding of all of this stuff.

    Yes, Vistaprint, the business card company, now does websites (though we switched because I think WordPress is a lot better). When my friend signed up for a free trial, he was able to create his own domain name. In order to get access to it, he had to pay for them to release it.

    So I just have this domain name on its own, no host. If my understanding is correct, I now have to register my domain name so it is hosted somewhere. Right? Is registering the domain name the same as getting a host for it?

    I see that through WordPress, I can register my domain name for $18/ year. I see the other option is to register elsewhere and map my domain name to WordPress for $13/ year. Is there any advantage (e.g. lower cost – less than $5/ year) of registering/ hosting elsewhere? It sounds like if I was going to pay $5+ monthly to host the site, it’d be more cost-effective to pay the $18 yearly rate through WordPress. If I’m missing a step or am unaware of another option, please let me know! Before I can to change the DNS or use the IP address, I still have to have a host, correct? Also, is there an advantage of using your suggestion over going through WordPress? Lastly, how would I go about taking your advice?

    Thanks again — like I said, I am new to a lot of this.

    Good Guy

    (@mytaxsitecouk) Before I can to change the DNS or use the IP address, I still have to have a host, correct? Also, is there an advantage of using your suggestion over going through WordPress? Lastly, how would I go about taking your advice?

    Yes you still need a host and WordPress’s host for £13 per year is ideal for you to start with. The only thing for that is that you are not allowed to have any premium themes of your own or that you can’t change the CSS file.

    As far as themes are concerned, WP has lots of free themes and so that is not the problem. For CSS, you can use inline styles within the HTML code. Some people don’t like this and some people love this facility. It is a question of choice and preference.

    You may also know or may be not but also have free hosting and you don’t even need a domain name. You can create your own domain name like:

    You can also have a free domain name like this: and point it to any of your hosts.

    There are also free hosts that can be used and you can do almost anything.

    Internet these days is almost free provided you are prepared to do some research. However, paying a modest sum per year is not a bad idea because free service can be stopped anytime.

    So, in short, first register a domain then create free site/bog at (even a very basic one) then take out a basic domain mapping service for $13 and this would get you going for few months until you are ready to make major changes.

    You have already bought the domain name, right?

    Good luck.

    Yes, I have already bought the domain name, and already created the website through WordPress. I won’t need to have to make major code changes; I’m just using what I’m able to work with through WordPress for free. All I need to do now is make it so the site I created works with the domain name I have!


    Just to clarify…

    You said I still need a host (makes sense), but you also said that has free hosting. I have already created a WordPress site. Does this mean I already have the host? I already have the domain name. You said I could “point a domain name toward any of my hosts,” and that is what I want to do. That means I’m using the domain mapping service, correct? And when you say “make major changes,” I assume you mean working in the CSS files. Is that also correct?

    Thanks very much!

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