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  • I am posting this here as it’s not really a question unique to a particular plugin, but common to most lightbox plugins that support display of external URLs in a lightbox (e.g. JQuery Colorbox, Shadowbox, etc). My question is why do these plugins result in an error “Domains, protocols and ports must match” on some websites, but not on others. And why should a URL that loads perfectly well in a plugin like “Simple Popup” then throw this error when you add “rel=lightbox” to display it in a lightbox?

    I get that this is a problem with the way Google Chrome applies browser security. But why only for lightboxes, and not for other kinds of popups? Is there anything that can be done about it? In my case, I have no control over the URLs I want to display in the lightbox – e.g. Google Maps, Agoda location maps, etc.

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  • Before anyone mentions “JavaScript implementations in modern web browsers do not allow cross-domain scripting”, can I add that I have been able to successfully embed Google maps in a lightbox. I get the same error, but it does not stop the frame content from displaying. But if I try to do it with an Agoda hotels map, e.g.:
    then the error blocks the map from displaying in the lightbox, although the map legend does display. The only thing I can see that’s odd is that the Agoda map tries to load JQuery from a different sub-domain ( which might be an issue. It also loads its base map from “” which I think might be the real problem. And it loads its map icons from “” which could also be a problem. Is there some way, within the lightbox code, for me to mark these domains as safe so the browser does not block them when I call the content in the lightbox?

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