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  1. Liz Marr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've been ignoring this for a while but just added a new domain and decided it should be fixed. First, I'm sure it used to work, really.

    My multi-site has been running perfect since I carefully installed it and first configured it. I used the domain mapping and sunrise as directed, and made the redirect with wildcards pointed to my base (WordPress root) directory. It is set to be subdomain.domain.net I can whip together a site in nothing flat, all the themes, plugins, and media works. It is a bit bothersome editing CSS and such from the root account, but it only needs done once so I can live with it. I get everything beautiful and attach a domain name to the site I'm using (not the root - the sub-site or whatever it is called) and it looks beautiful.

    What, you say, is the problem? I can't edit the darn thing. It refuses to recognize the admin/password it has all along and seems to have problems recognizing anyone. I do have the signup turned off, perhaps I need to turn it on so I can make a user with the domain name. I can't sneak in from the back as it puts me on the domain instead of keeping the sitename.maindomain.net syntax. I tried turning off primary. That gets me into the site, but the domain quits working.

    I'm lost, I've been futzing with this for a few months then get tired and leave it. I'm sure it used to work, but maybe none at all.

  2. Domain Mapping and Subdomains are similar, but not the same.

    I used the domain mapping and sunrise as directed, and made the redirect with wildcards pointed to my base (WordPress root) directory.

    You don't use Domain mapping for subdomains.

    WordPress understands Subdomains natively. Remove the Domain Mapping plugin, and within your server's control panel, point the subdomains to point at domain.com, instead of the default (which is usually something like domain.com/subdomain)

  3. Liz Marr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm not very good with words. Too many injuries through the years. My multisite is set up for the new sites to be: name.domain.net (such as ethaiaol.webpaws.net) which I direct to name.com (ie. ethaiaonline.com) The root site is straight off of the root: /home/me/public_html/wp-content If I log on to ethaiaonline.com then it doesn't recognize my admin login, even though it is listed in the site list. If I try to login to ethaiaol.webpaws.net/wp-admin (the URL from the Dashboard link of the site list) it switches to ethaiaonline.com/wp-admin Since it is being cranky, it won't recognize my signin and won't let me create another. The only way I have found is to disconnect the other domain name from the site until I'm done then turn it back on.

  4. The words are very important :) It's okay if you have to take a long time to make sure you use the right ones, but when it comes to computers, the only way we know what's going on is with very specific words. So yeah, we get a little picky.

    Arright, you're using domain mapping correctly.

    Go to yourdomain.com//wp-admin/network/settings.php?page=dm_admin_page

    What options did you check? Just the numbers are all we need :)

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