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    Hey guys,
    I have a problem and i was looking in the old threads but couldn’t find an answer
    I was trying the wordpress multisites (3.4.2) and i read that it can’t be installed in it’s own folder
    and since i can’t put it on the root of my host because i have another website i installed it on a subdomain
    and i created the blog1 and blog2 as subdirectory so there links are and
    then i bought the domains and and parked them in my cpanel
    then i installed the domain mapping plug in and did all the configuration and linked the and to their sites based on the site’s id (2,3)
    the problem is when i navigate to i get my original website at
    so i thought since and are parked domain and wordpress on different subdomain so the plug in won’t be able to forward these 2 domains to my 2 blogs
    so i tried in the cpanel parked domains to forward and blog2,com to where i have my wp network installed and i though that in this way the plug in will be able to link the 2 domains to the 2 blogs but that didn’t happen
    now when i navigate to or i get the which is obvious in general but my guessing didn’t work
    I tried to edit the DNS zone to make the parked domains points to instead of the ip as CNAM but i found that it’s not allowed
    Ain’t there any way to do that ?
    and does this plug in work with subdirectory mode ? or i need to change to subdomains mode ?
    Any help is highly appreciated
    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    Domain mapping only works when WP is installed in the root.

    Thank you

    What if you have more than one domain on your server?

    My server install goes like this: -> public_html -> public_html/addondomain1

    On I’ve a WP multisite install (subdomains), which is working fine for subdomains.

    Now I’ve some parked domains I want to map to subdomains of this multisite install on Is it possible?

    I’ve managed to install the plugin and configured the subdomain wildcard and such. But I can’t get the mapping to work. When I try to see my, all I get is the default cPanel placeholder page.

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    I haven’t seen any instances where domain mapping can be used in add on domains except wher it was a dedicated server and the site owner could edit the web server config manually.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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