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  • Hello,

    Right now I installed wordpress in my ubuntu server to host my old blog, here where I live I cannot use the port 80 for httpd/apache because is blocked by my ISP, and I’m using a DDNS for domain.

    My question is, how can I do to my wordpress installation answer both, domain and ip requests.
    eg. and

    ### My second question is.
    I’ve installed wordpress with “sudo apt-get install wordpress”, also I’m using postgreSQL for database.

    For default, wordpress was installed in /usr/share/wordpress and /etc/wordpress.

    How can I change the installation folder to /var/www/ that is my default http folder.

    For now, I changed the apache “sites-available” to answer with “/usr/share/wordpress”, but I want to know how to change.

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  • No one will even try to help me to solution my problem? or at least point me to a doc or anything that can help me?

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