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  • I’ve got a weird problem with my site.

    1. all of a sudden the text “domain reserved for future use” has appeared in the header of every page.

    my hosting say it is not a problem with them, i’ve tried removing plugins but this did not help.

    this is a weird one and i’m wondering if this was a hack?

    Also two other issues appeared at the same time but these have been resolved.
    2. the robot text had some bogus text referencing I removed this and put back the correct text within the robots.

    3. the site was blocked from search engines via the search engine visibility in privacy settings. however once i had changed the robot text as above logged out then logged in the search engine visibility had moved from privacy.php to options-reading.php. I was then able to unblock search engines through reading settings.

    very strange

    any ideas with problem 1 ?

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