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  • NolanEmmett


    Please give me some qualified assistance on the following:

    I am using the following script to re-direct one domain to another. I am new to this so there is a learning curve ahead. Simple but effective solutions are currently needed.

    Your opinions ? Suggestions ?

    Thank you

    <title>Income for Life</title>
    <frameset border=”0″ cols=”*”>
    <frame src=””no”>
    Sorry, it appears you are using a Web browser thatdoes not support frames.

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  • I’ve done this a lot over the last 10+ years. Here is what I find works best (for me):

    1. Ask myself if I am going to keep the “old” domain forever?
    2. If not, then I create a “Red Alert” home page on the old domain name, telling visitors the new domain name, and asking them to update their bookmarks. Otherwise, they’ll get automatically redirected and never notice that their bookmarks or memorized URL is wrong!
    3. If I do plan to keep the old domain, I just park it on the same web site as the new domain name, if my web host offers “domain parking”. If not, then I use a Redirection service — there are lots of them around — for the old domain name, and point it to the new web site.

    There is a better HTML solution than the frames one you have, but Parking or Redirection are much better.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    you;re posting in the multisite forum. are you using this feature and trying to have separate domains or not?

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