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    hi everybody.
    my issue here is that my domain is not getting files from the server. i have placed all the wordpress files on the root folder. i tried calling the readme.html file but it gives me a 404.

    i have mapped the domain to ns1, ns2 and

    please help.

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  • The domain mapping (ns1, etc.) must point to the server where you have placed the WordPress files. Pointing them to implies you have someone snuck into the web site and put your files there, etc. Which is obviously not what you have done.

    If you are using a commercial web hosting service, they will provide you with Name Server (ns1, etc.) values that you should be using. Otherwise, contact your sysadmin.

    oh. so, where do i put the dns to? do i just remain the previous dns on my server? is an exemple, don’t use it. You have to use ns1 and ns2 from your webhost. Contact them and ask for your nameservers.

    Now the servers are pointing at I do not see the section Domain Administration. My hosting company says that they do not have access to the domain anymore.

    Am I stuck?

    Cn I delete the domain and add it back again?



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    Is this a site or a self-hosted WordPress install?

    i purchased a theme. so, i guess it is a self-hosted install?

    i think my mistake earlier was that i mapped my domain through methods from instead of

    my url is

    I have the A records and DNS names from my web host. The current one points to (which is largely my mistake).

    How can I edit the current one on WP? Again, I do not have Domain Administration section.

    you need domain admin to edit the dns



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    Yes, it appears that your domain name is currently set to WordPress.COM – you will need to login there and change the nameservers to wherever you now want your site to be hosted.

    See this:

    that’s the problem. i do not see the Domain Administration section or link. it’s weird.

    am i stuck?



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    You’ll need to ask the folks at .COM – there’s nothing we can do to help you with settings on .COM sites or accounts. You can post a question on their forums here:

    EDIT – just reread your post – where did you register the domain name and set the name servers in the first place?

    thanks guys. i have informed the registrar to revert back to the original DNS. will update you guys when all is solved.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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