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    I just switched hosts and for the life of me with over 12 techs helping can not get my site working right. Their answer now for my links not working is to go through each page and post and manually relink everything. oesn’t sound good to me. Why would my exported site that I imported less than a minute later have all the links changed. Way too many people playing in there. Three days it took to get my site to even show and now the links are all messed. I realize there are hundreds or more links you can provide in a reply pointing me to help. I have been doing this for days now with no luck. Web Hosting Hub themselves suggested I come here because they can not fix my problem. If anyone is willing to actually help and not paste a link, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Here is my site, only the home page will work without manually typing the links or doing a search.

    Incloud Design – Website Design

    It seems to be a permalink problem and I would prefer them to be
    rather than:

    I’m completely lost at this point and they have no idea how to fix it. Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    What I would do is this:

    1. Make a backup of your database
    2. Open the database file in a text editor and find and replace any instances of with
    3. Save this new db under a new name and import it in your site.

    Your hosting provider hopefully has phpMyadmin installed which allows you to access your database easily.
    If you use phpMyAdmin to export your db, make sure to check the add drop db and don’t forget to make a backup!

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