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  • You might want to get a drink, this could be long and quite confusing!

    I bought hosting with Bluehost. I changed my nameservers on Sunday August 1st I got email telling me it was going to happen (it hasn’t yet Aug 4th) I added the hosting details in my domain area on my blog which is
    Exported my blog to my computer.

    I then went into my cpanal in bluehost and installed the latest all fine and dandy, I import my blog, and set it all up under the URL

    Of course I don’t want the above to be the domain name. I want it to be

    Where do I change this? How do I change this?
    Do I need to wait until the nameservers have changed?

    Bear in mind. I have pretty much ZERO understanding of FTP or the likes. If someone would like to do it for me I’d probably love you lol, or please spell it out for dummies!

    thank you, hope that all made sense!

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  • You will definitely need to change your NameServers before your site will resolve at the new host.

    I do not see them currently changing. Once you make the NameServer changes, it can take several hours up to a couple days for propagation, but I’ve noticed it usually happens a lot faster than that with most locations these days.

    Whoever your domain is registered through, contact them and have them change the NameServers to BlueHost’s NameServers.

    Once that is done, you’ll need to log into your site at and change the Blog URL and WordPress URL to (instead of

    Thank you very much. was having issues with the people who change NS so it wasn’t happening. They have been changed now so Hopefully I can follow the rest of your very clear instructions!

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