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  • I am about to move my WordPress blog to my own ISP. I have not yet done the transaction mainly because I want to understand the details first. I have checked out The Tamba2 WordPress Guides by Podz, and I am keeping several other resources close at hand. After reading a large number of posts here in various tags about installation problems, I am hoping to avoid many of the pitfalls that I see others getting into.

    My question is more elemental than most of theirs: my current blog URI is I am hoping I can set up and then set up as a sub-domain so that my URI stays constant, but I am not sure if that will work.

    As well, I am wondering if my blog will still be part of the “Next Blog” search engine.

    I am also wondering what the timeline is for transferring the domain name, if it can be kept the same.


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  • You can’t move a blog lock stock and barrel like that…. unless there’s something I’m not cognizant of as regards the .com domain setup. You can put your self-hosted blog under whatever sub-domain or folder name you like, but you’re not going to be able to simply access the in-place .com blog from your own domain.

    And there’s no easy way to get your posts off the .com blog, either. Only way right now seems to be using RSS, and doing comments that way is problematic (I think I saw a dodgy workaround, not sure now).

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