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  1. diretribe
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi all,

    It's with a bit of regret I've taken down my wordpress site & am putting the domains up for offer. Unfortunately a slightly obsessive ex-girlfriend & blogging do not mix.

    Both of the domains I have used are kind of blogging related & so I thought I'd make them available here so some wordpress-er can take advantage. They're listed on ebay to take the hassle out of it.

    diretribe.com (*pun on diatribe) 1yr remain
    direlog.com (*pun on dialog(ue)) 2yr remain

    Both registered with 34sp, registered with all major blogging directories and have an average 150/day visit rate (1000 hits) although stalking has inflated the figures.


    Make your offers folks.

    I will of course return, once I invent equally ingenious domain names & an alternate identity. All the best.

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