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  • well, I can I got in a little over my head and I need some help to make sure I follow the correct codex instructions….I’m afraid to mess anything up after all this work. Here’s my situation.
    I created the following WordPress site on this URL:

    everything worked great I was happy and I wanted to move it to its new home. I purchased the domain name So as I’ve done in the past with static websites I went to my domain server and forwarded the folder to
    fantastic! Everything seems to work… the index.html file appears well now at

    however, when I go to click on the other pages I created–
    that damned URL appears instead of what I want like

    what to do?
    I understand there’s ways to move WordPress files around but what I don’t want to do is screw up anything that has been worked on. The database I imagine will stay the same as should the URL but I’d like it to appear as noted before. Is there a simple solution on my going to be folloing many steps very carefully for a while?

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  • It’s doing that because you have your stuff set in your options page as “”. Your *easiest* solution would be to log into WP, go to “Options” and change th Blog URI. (Don’t even *think* about touching the “WordPress URI”!!). Just change the URL in “blog URI” to your “baystaterest” url, and then redo your permalinks (if you have them activated).

    Your admin login will remain the same, but the site itself will be viewable with your new domain name.

    your a lifesavor! Thank you so much — it’s working great.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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