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    I have a working site but I want to change the domain name a new one I’ve registered I’ve read the articles on changing domain name/site url but I can’t login to wordpress after making the changes. It says waiting for This is what I have done on the wordpress database

    1. Using cPanel I,ve edited siteurl and home in wp_options table and changed the entry to

    2. I’ve added these lines to wp-config.php as WordPress Address (URL)and Site Address (URL) are greyed out in general tab

    Do I need to do more than this? cpanel Main Domain is Does this not change to, and does my wordpress login now become I really don’t understand what I need to do.

    regards Bart

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  • Hi Bart,

    This is the way that I’ve always done it, and it always worked:

    1. Edit the url field in the wp_options table to the new domain
    2. Transfer all files to the new domain (optional)
    3. Login to the administrator page at the new domain
    4. Settings -> General -> edit the new URL to change all the links to the new domain


    Add domain name to the hosting account
    Depending on the host, the new domain needs to be “primary”
    Make sure it’s pointed at the correct ip address
    Make sure nameservers are set correctly
    Ping the domain and see if it’s found. If not, check with your host on what the configuration should be.
    Hosts like Go Daddy claim they automatically configure things correctly when you add a domain, but I’ve found they don’t.

    thanks for the replies. The problem is someone else set up the hosting originally, and it looks like I can’t add another domain with my current settings. My new domain is registered with godaddy, but not hosted there. Is it easy to transfer the new domain to the hosting account?. Apologies if this is a no-brainer, but I haven’t done this before


    You have to be able to change the domain even if you can’t add another one (though most hosts allow that). If you think about it, the site can’t be found unless the domain is associated with it.

    Resolved with help from hosting company. I hadn’t the rights to change domain, but now have


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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