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  • Hi

    I currently have a website up and running

    The situation is that I now have another domain that I want to use instead of this one.

    Can you please help in telling me the best, easiest way of doing this without losing any of the data within the site and without effecting the search engine ranking too much?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • U can just transfer the whole wordpress folder from the root directory of your old url(which u r using now) to that of your new URL.
    Then replace the “blog address” and “wordpress address” with your new one.To make the search engines know about your new url and to redirect anyone who tries to access your old website to ur new one, u can use 301 redirection.For this u have to make sufficient changes in your .htaccess file, well if u dont have one,its pretty easy to make one.
    Open Windows Notepad, enter this line:

    Redirect 301 /oldfoldername

    and save the file as .htaccess. Then, upload it to the root of your web folder.

    That’s it. If you do everything right, you should be able to access your site from the new url, all of the links on your blog should point to the new one (unless you entered them by hand), and if someone enters your old address it will redirect to your new one. Additionally, all of the inbound links counted by Google, Yahoo and the others, will transfer over to your new URL. The 301 redirect tells the search engines that the site has been permanently moved.

    This is what i think and since it is a pretty risky job, u better create backup file before doing this.
    If u wait for somemore time, we can see the advices of the moderators, they’ll warn u if Iam wrong.

    Uh… it’s a little more complicated than that. You can’t just move folders and be able to log in to change the URL’s. You wouldn’t be able to log in at all since WP wouldn’t be installed — the folder would just be on the server.

    Follow the instructions from the tutorial thisisedie linked to!
    Everything else is wrong.

    Thanks thisisedie

    I thought it would be a little more complex that the original reply as I believe WordPress uses static locations?

    Anyway, I think that this is a little beyond my skill level so if there is anyone out there who would like to help me do this I would appreciate it. Paid if necessary.


    Nobody is allowed to offer paid help here in the forum.
    YOU have to leave a contact address so those interested can contact you.




    theres no way to contact you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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