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  • Hi WP users/bloggers,

    I’m not looking for any help registering for or setting up a domain, what i’m after (if anyone can comment on this) is to find a provider for a free domain name.

    Had a freebie one that was setup for a year, and that’s expired today without warning.

    Looked at a few providers of free domains (googled), and although i’m not hesitant on signing up, i’d prefer registering with a trusted or recommended provider, so ideally all i need here is some personal recommendations on where to register for a free domain name.

    For the sake of keeping this thread tidy and not self-promoting, please post all or any links in this format. (no http or www)

    Appreciate anyone taking there time to make a suggestion..

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  • I’ve used a site called in the past, they provide free domains/renewals/transfers and very good hosting plans. In my opinion, they’re very good, customer service is great and it’s not a big corporate company so the service is very bespoke. I would give them a try at least.

    By the way – I saw from your profile that you are looking to help out as a contributor or moderator for a WordPress site? Well, I’m helping set up a music-related blog/site (features downloadable content for donations) and it would be useful to have someone help out with the coding and updates, if you’re interested? The address is although it’s still in very early stages. But, check it out and let me know what you think.


    Hi Michael,

    I simply looking for someone to write the occasional WordPress related article for, something to give me a little incentive to write WordPress hacks, mods or tweaks. I tend to do this in my spare time anyway, and very little of that time goes into the site, so i thought i may be able to pass those abilities along to someone else for providing back to the community in the form of free articles, perhaps as an occasional contributor, or alike (as time permits).

    I’ve followed some of your threads, you seem like a capable and willing coder to, so if you’d like to touch base and pick my brain on WordPress related topics, i’m all ears..

    You might better off using a 3rd class domain until you can afford to pay for one like or


    Recently I have been venturing into WordPress as a CMS and often struggle to get it to do what I want straight off. I’ve seen your ID come up a lot when looking for answers.

    The relevance being that I have a Fasthosts reseller account with acres of server space. Perhaps you would consider a fair trade if I hosted your site (unlimited bandwidth, capacity, pop email etc etc, Linux or Windows) in exchange for the occasional email if I get lost in PHP! I know you give you advice freely here, but the forums don’t seem to be greatly supported and getting help can be a bit hit and miss. Plus it seems like a good way of giving something back (how very British!)

    Let me know if you’re interested.


    Hi Nathan,

    Appreciate the kind offer, which i’ve been having a little think about. Honestly, i don’t think i have any real need for webspace or pop boxes and the like, what i have now is sufficient for my small usage.

    If you would like to direct questions to me, in reality the best place to do that is here, i check the forum far more often then my email, so feel free to post something up and direct my attention, you can even tag the thread with my name if that makes it easier (I’ve used this thread as example).

    Also, if you’re not subscribed already, the hackers mailing list is a great resource for advanced WordPress topics and discussion.


    No problem. I think that I misunderstood what you were after. But in anycase the offer is there if useful in the future – I really appreciated your help with the query_post problem I was having.


    You’re welcome, and thanks again for the offer.. 😉

    1and1 is giving free hosting and domain for six months. You can try them for free. More information at [link moderated]

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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