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  • Enabled Domain mapping

    I am running the newest released version of WordPress with the Automitiv theme by bunchman. this is my link.

    My issue is when i enable MU domain mapping the thumbnails do not show up. If i enable the orgional domain. they work. I viewed the codes with firebug and it is not reading the img src at all when the non primary domain is enabled.

    It may have somthing to do woth TIMTHUMB. not sure but here is the timthumb code in the theme-function.phph file.

    function timthumb($height,$width,$img_url,$stretch) {
    	$image['url'] = $img_url;
    	$image_path = explode($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], $image['url']);
    	$image_path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . $image_path[1];
    	$image_info = @getimagesize($image_path);
    	// If we cannot get the image locally, try for an external URL
    	if (!$image_info)
    		$image_info = @getimagesize($image['url']);
    	$image['width'] = $image_info[0];
    	$image['height'] = $image_info[1];
    	if($img_url != "" && ($image['width'] != $width || $image['height'] != $height || !isset($image['width']))){
    		$img_url = get_bloginfo('template_url')."/scripts/timthumb.php?src=$img_url&w=$width&h=$height&zc=$stretch&q=90";
    	return $img_url;
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