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domain mapping, SEO, and hiding sub-dir MU installs

  • I’ve set up a domain mapping multisite successfully with sub-domain install. I originally thought that a subdomain install would be more seo friendly to the main network site because a sub-dir install would basically show duplicate content (on networksite.com/sub and on sub.com). In retrospect i guess a sub domain would also show duplicate, but it doesn’t …it seems with domain mapping (as i have it with sub domains) its going to sub.networksite.com and will redirect to networksite.com and says ‘open registration is not allowed’.

    Im wondering if it will act the same with sub dir install, and otherwise how can i hide the contents of the sub dir? (htaccess noindex or something?) This seems like a better way to go because my host (dreamhost shared) doesn’t allow wildcard DNS.

    Of course its all virtual so is there actually any difference with a sub-domain vs sub-dir install??
    Furthermore, ive read so far its hard to change from sub-domain to sub-dir, any quick tips on that appreciated!

    also, does anyone have any thoughts on what or where there might be duplicate content?? this whole domain mapping thing seems strange and im worried about repercussions or penalties from google.

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  • 1) Duplicate content is duplicate content. Doesn’t matter if it’s subdomains, subfolders or mapped domains.

    1b) No real difference between subfolder or subdomain for SEO, and certainly not if you’re then mapping the domains.

    2) Domain mapping, done correctly, means the end users see mappeddomain.com instead of mappeddomain.example.com for all things, and they don’t see example.com anywhere.

    2b) Yes, you can map domains with a subfolder setup on WordPress.

    3) Yes, it’s hard to switch between subfolder and subdomain, if you’re not Database savvy.

    so is there actually any chance of ‘duplicate content’ when mapping domains?

    wondering really how google sees networksite.com/subsite…. when subsite is mapped then it actually disappears from networksite.com…as far as any robot is concerned?

    ill check around then on changing it to a subfolder install. But it’s a new site so guess i could just clear the database or make a new one and run install.php again?

    thanks for all the great answers/support here!

    No, you don’t get duplicate content when mapping domains because of how the domain is mapped (i.e. you can’t get to BOTH example.com/mappeddomain and mappeddomain.com). It always defaults to the mapped domain, and tells Google “I am mapped domain!”

    It’s smart 😀

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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