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  • Hello,

    The way my current hosting account works (at SiteGround) is that I can only park domains on my root domain. So, as far as SiteGround is willing to admit, multisite domain mapping will only work on my one root domain. I am expecting the root domain website to have a variety of mapped domains and non-mapped subsites.

    I usually like to have a sandbox for development, and I usually make the sandbox an add-on domain in my hosting account. Siteground says that it is not possible to park domains on an add-on domain (redirecting does not work, at least not the default cpanel parked domain redirect)

    I am wondering two things:

    1) if anyone has any opinions on whether a multisite sandbox without any domain mapping at all would be sufficient for testing new versions and new features for a multisite that does use domain mapping … I don’t plan to do anything at the domain / mapping level in my plugins / themes for multisite.

    2) If anyone knows any .htaccess (or other) work-arounds for this issue with shared, cpanel hosting using Let’s Encrypt SSL (that won’t get me kicked off of my shared, cpanel hosting): to have a multisite on an add-on domain and still get domain mapping to work?



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  • The server needs to respond for domain mapping to work. You probably could run sub-directory multi-site but mapping is probably outside the capabilities of your shared hosting account.

    The good news is your host probably has an upgraded plan to allow what you need.

    And, If it allows parking you might give it a try anyway.

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