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  • I have one “main” domain, which wordpress is installed in its own directory. What I’m trying to do, is allow my other domains (underneath that main domain) to have a blog too (network/multisite), but my real question is, what is the best plugin (or is it even a good idea?) to use for domain mapping?

    And does my wordpress directory need to be moved to the root of my main domain?

    I’ve seen the Wp Multi-Network plug, and have seen the WordPress MU Domain Mapping, which one is more recommended (and easier to use to integrate blogs into all my sites)?

    Mine you that each extra domain off my main domain also has a subdomain, so like, =, (but I want it to show, in the address bar; not

    Mine you in reality, it shows the directory for the domain in FTP as (if that makes any difference).

    I can be proficient at php/mysql and am usually quick to catch on, but getting multisite/domain mapping to fully work is a nightmare….

    My main domain will have a blog, then I have two other domain’s underneath that main one (, that I want to have blogs as well.

    Plus, I still want to be able to use it for subdomain’s later on. Any suggestion’s? Right now, I don’t have multsite turned on (deleted that wordpress, and started over, will be activating the network later in the morning). Should I just following the directions and then use on of the plugins? Is that the easiest way?

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  • I think you might also want to look at this plugin:
    It supposedly makes networks within networks. I have no idea until which ‘level’ domain mapping is possible. There’s to multi-ravens (Andrea and Ipstenu) that will probably be able to answer that question, but they’re usually not online for until another 5 hours or so…

    Another thing to look at is custom post types. I myself have a network (with no domain mapping). Each subsite has a blog created with custom post types (and some have more custom post types).

    Oh, and yes, the main/mother site has to be installed in the root.

    Thanks for the reply, I also found this, thread about single domain mapping with plugins. Is this a viable alternative to the plugins? Hopefully I’ll get it before they get here (and I’ll be super proud of myself =D if I do).

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    If you want our mapped blogs to have sub blogs, you absolutely need to have a multi network plugin – not just domain mapping. And as I said in the other thread, I do recommend you use an actual plugin.

    You also need some extra server setup to make sure your extra domains can handle wildcards for them too.

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