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    I have been trying to get domain mapping to work for the past 3 weeks now and am going crazy! I have looked at all the threads on the subject and am still unable to resolve the issue. Moreover, I know that justhost’s shared hosting accounts do support domain mapping.

    My root is at

    I have set up DNS wildcard for Now if I go to or, I see that the subdomains are appearing properly as separate sites. So far so good. This is exactly what wordpress said it can do.

    Now the next step is domain mapping. This is the step that has had me pulling my hair out for the past 3 weeks. The two domains that I need mapped are: to to

    Both these domains are registered on godaddy. I tried every trick in the book to point these two domains to the right place. I tried changing the DNS settings and creating ANAME records.
    Currently I have these two domains set up differently on godaddy.

    This image shows the edited DNS setting for, on The original godaddy DNS settings have been changed to justhost’s DNS settings. is set to the original godaddy DNS records. This image shows the Total DNS records on godaddy for . This domain’s DNS settings are unchanged (godaddy DNS settings). I am unsure about this, but the domain leads to this page:
    Please note that is working perfectly. It is just the domain mapping that is not working.

    This image shows the instructions from the wordpress script:
    I need to know which I should be using, IP or CNAME domain, and how should I configure an A record or ANAME pointing at an IP address.

    This image shows the domain mapping function on the wordpress 3.0 script, under the elegantaffairs subdomain.:

    It currently has set as the primary domain. If I try to set as the primary domain, I get this error:
    Notice that the URL is getting resolved to, and the error is a 404 not found.

    I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. Please help me get domain mapping to work on justhost’s servers.

    Thank you,

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Did you follow these steps:

    WordPress 3.0: Multisite Domain Mapping Tutorial

    you need to use GoDaddy’s total DNS area and create an A record to your IP address.

    Then at your webhost, you need to PARK (if using cpanel) that domain on top of your main install.

    you also need to go to the subdomain, look under tools -> Domain mapping and fill in the info there.

    Andrea, thank you so much! The domains are mapping properly onto the subdomains!

    I has used ottopress’ instructions, but the simple steps you presented were what did it for me.


    So grateful for that link Adrea. Thank you.

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