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  1. Chris Lema
    Posted 6 years ago #

    So let me start by saying that I've read and completely done all that I think is articulated in this great post between Andrea-r and a few others: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/domain-mapping-how-to-video-help

    On the second page of that discussion, the original poster defines all the steps she took and that it all worked. Oh how envious I am.

    I too have my sites hosted at MediaTemple.
    I purchased the domain at MT in case that was easier than having GoDaddy do this particular registration for what I wanted.

    I started by connecting it up to the hosting account I had. That creates all sorts of entries into their DNS ZONE file, which I want (in order to manage email, etc).

    Then I deleted the entire website folder for that domain (xs-lounge.com) and created the symlink using the article referenced. It worked. I tested by reviewing FTP and the symlink is in place.

    So then I test the site before doing the domain mapping. I created the site at xslounge.wpadvisor.com and it loads up just fine. In my ZONE file, I have an A record for *.xs-lounge.com that points to the IP that is for my main account (wpadvisor.com) and I think it's a fixed IP because I also bought an SSL cert and they had to do it (for my ss account).

    When that was all fixed, I then went to map the domain. I didn't pick primary because wpAdvisor.com is the primary. But I put in xs-lounge.com (not http://www.xs-lounge.com).

    When I go to http://xs-lounge.com I get a blank screen.

    But when I go to http://www.xs-lounge.com I get routed to xslounge.wpadvisor.com (which I really don't want to see).

    So I tried adding a cname for http://www.xs-lounge.com in the ZONE file that pointed to xslounge.wpadvisor.com but that still didn't do it.

    Anyone have any clue what to try next?

  2. Chris Lema
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Well now the page isn't blank anymore. Even a visit to http://xs-lounge.com is routing to xslounge.wpadvisor.com but I really want it to just keep xs-lounge.com in the browser.

    It must be simple but it's not working....argh...

  3. I gotta say, domain mapping on (mt) is not my idea of a good time. :)

    . I didn't pick primary because wpAdvisor.com is the primary.

    You have to pick primary for the mapped domain. :) It means the MAIN domain you will be mapping to the blog (it lets you do more than one).

  4. Chris Lema
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I made that change. Presto I think that did it!

  5. :D I'm just glad this was an easy fix. :D

    Posted 6 years ago #

    So then... who is a good (can we hope for great) host for a multi-site, parked domain forwarding WordPress install?

  7. all kinds of them. get one with cpanel & add on domains and make the wordpress install the main domain on that account.

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