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  • trink79


    We have an issue where we only have one SSL certificate and need to protect the login page of all the subsites in our network. The network is set up as subdirectories but we are mapping the subsites as subdomains using the built in domain mapping. For example: has as the site URL

    I want users on the frontend to always see* in the browser but I want the admin side to be

    Is that possible?

    If not is it possible to to have* redirect to*?

    I have tried multiple rewrite rules and conditions in my htaccess file but nothing is working. Maybe I’m putting them in the wrong place. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Freddie



    You’re going to need wildcard ssl. You can get that for free on a site like In your situation, you’d enter * in the field on the home screen. (Obviously replacing ‘’ with whatever your domain is.

    From here you’ll need to do a Google search for how to upload wildcard ssl certificates to your hosting provider. If you get on with their customer support you should be able to have everything configured for you.



    Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately a free wildcard ssl is not an option. The server administrators have told me we do not have a wildcard infrastructure and they purchase certificates from a certain company.



    “and they purchase certificates from a certain company.”

    No way to add the certs yourself?



    I don’t think so. When I told them I needed a certificate they sent me the crt files.
    I guess they don’t want staff to be able to put a certificate from a source they do not know on the company servers.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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