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  • I cannot make domain mapping work.

    I am using “Force SSL Administration” and then a URL filter to make one page on the front-end secure. On that front-end page, I’m running one domain mapping filter.

    I entered in the first box and in the second box and hit save.

    But the domain mapping is not being applied.

    Any advice? (I also tried with a trailing slash.)

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  • Plugin Author Mike Ems


    Is the domain you’re trying to map a local domain? Domain Mapping currently only works for external resources hosted on external domains.

    I’m trying to map from a subdomain to an external domain.

    Using Amazon Cloudfront, I’ve got files hosted on S3 that are cloaked by an A name entry in my DNS, giving them the appearance of a subdomain. However, Cloudfront’s SSL doesn’t match my subdomain name, so I wanted to remap it to the name on their SSL cert, which will then serve my file via HTTPS without error.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    In the next version I’ll make it so you can map local domains as well. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to.

    What I want to avoid is people mapping their domains here instead of using a domain mapping plugin. But, I guess I’ll just have to trust people.

    Gotcha. I understand. And thank you!

    Since I can’t yet test your implementation, let me ask — I’m assuming that there’s some sort of conditional statement so that it only remaps when viewing in https. Is that correct?

    In other words, if I view — no domain mapping
    But when I view — domain mapping in effect

    Do I understand rightly how you wrote it?

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    It’s not quite that simple, but that is the end result.

    I created a generic filter called ‘https_external_url’ here that is simply a filter for any HTTPS external element. Then, in my domain mapping module I use that filter for the domain mapping here. This code will only be run when securing elements on an HTTPS page.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    In my development version I’ve recoded Domain Mapping into URL Mapping. It should do everything you need now. If you could test it for me, that would be cool. Thanks.

    Absolutely. I won’t be able to install it until Monday though.

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    No problem. I’m going to take my time with this version, so it’ll probably be a while before release. I’ve got a few other projects running parallel with it and some of the work I’m doing there is being ported into WordPress HTTPS.

    Well, I uploaded and installed it. No functionality is broken by the dev version that I can tell, but the URL mapping didn’t seem to work for me.
    Below is a screenshot of how I have it set up.

    When I visit, it loads images from which is the subdomain hosted on Amazon S3.

    The behavior I’m expecting is that when I visit and it loads an image (e.g.,, it will be redirected (prior to load) via your URL mapping to

    Am I right in understanding that this is the intended behavior of the new URL mapping? Or did I miss something big picture?

    Thanks so much!

    I installed the dev version and posted at:

    @jpleas – It looks like we are trying to achieve similar mapping. Can you please take a look at my post? Thanks! Jxff

    Plugin Author Mike Ems


    @jpleas Yes, you have the right idea. Would you mind if I took a look at your setup? I see no reason that configuration shouldn’t work. You can email me at mike[at]mvied[dot]com, if so.



    I am also experiencing issues with domain mapping with slightly different result. I get an error displayed on the website:

    Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier ‘a’ in *********/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-https/lib/WordPressHTTPS/Module/DomainMapping.php on line 43

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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