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  • We use a postgres backend with the pg4wp plugin and wordpress 3.3.2 (Debian Squeeze package). We’ve had no problem with a multisite installation using the schema,….

    We added the MU Domain Mapping plugin for the obvious reasons, so we could map to,…, but it’s having no effect. When I create the mapping in the Domain tab, it says “Domain add” at the top but no mapping appears in the Sites tab.

    I went into the database, and found that the dmtable and dmtablelogins tables have not actually been created.

    In the wp-content folder, I have plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-mapping with symlink pointing into the folder for sunrise.php. After the first round of failures, I also created symlinks to domain_mapping.php in wp-content and wp-content/mu-plugins.

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  • I did some checking in the postgres logs and found the following:

    2013-04-17 12:39:13 EDT ERROR:  type "tinysmallint" does not exist at character
    2013-04-17 12:39:13 EDT STATEMENT:  CREATE TABLE wpst_domain_mapping (
                                            id bigint NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('wpst
                                            blog_id bigint NOT NULL,
                                            domain varchar(255) NOT NULL,
                                            active tinysmallint default '1',
                                            PRIMARY KEY  (id),
                                            KEY blog_id (blog_id,domain,active)
            CREATE SEQUENCE wpst_domain_mapping_seq;
    2013-04-17 12:39:13 EDT ERROR:  syntax error at or near "on" at character 181
    2013-04-17 12:39:13 EDT STATEMENT:  CREATE TABLE wpst_domain_mapping_logins (
                                            id varchar(32) NOT NULL,
                                            user_id bigint NOT NULL,
                                            blog_id bigint NOT NULL,
                                            t timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
                                            PRIMARY KEY  (id)
    2013-04-17 12:39:14 EDT ERROR:  relation "wpst_domain_mapping" does not exist at character 21

    I’ve had a quick look into the plugin’s source code, and it uses it’s own tables and SQL code.

    I was about to ask you for the logs from pg4wp’s log subdir :

    You should have some error logs in pg4wp’s log subdirectory.
    These could help me make a fix if you don’t mind sending them to me (you can replace sensitive data if you want).

    If you have no file in this subdir, please check that you have this in your ‘db.php’ file :
    define( ‘PG4WP_LOG_ERRORS’, true);

    You can send the log files as a compressed archive to pg4wp[at]

    I’ll send a modded pg4wp for you to test…

    This is a kludge, but it was just enough tweaking to get it playing nice. I had to replace tinyint and take out the automatic trigger.

    /srv/wordpress/plugins/wordpress-mu-domain-mapping$ diff --normal domain_mapping.php domain_mapping.php.original
    < 				<code>active</code> int(4) default '1',
    < 				PRIMARY KEY  (<code>id</code>)
    > 				<code>active</code> tinyint(4) default '1',
    > 				PRIMARY KEY  (<code>id</code>),
    > 				KEY <code>blog_id</code> (<code>blog_id</code>,<code>domain</code>,<code>active</code>)
    < 				<code>t</code> timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
    > 				<code>t</code> timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,

    Thanks, hawk, Logs are on their way.

    Kludge has worked only partially. Even restoring the key constraint in the database leaves me with seven different domains all pointing to the first site I linked. :p

    KEY 'blog_id' ('blog_id','domain','active')
    replaced by
    UNIQUE ('blog_id','domain','active')

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