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  1. SixDev
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am trying to map an external subdomain to a subdomain on my multisite and having great difficulty. I found some previous posts by Andrea which got me this far and tried those, but still not working, so hoping I can find a bit of extra help here!

    Here's the scenario and what I have currently set up:

    Multisite domain: bluewaterclick.com

    sub site address inside multisite: summerville.bluewaterclick.com

    subdomain that I want to resolve to the above sub site address: summerville.gallagherebc.com

    I use VHOST and directory enabled Domain Mapping plugin

    I have gone in the domain mapping plugin and under Custom Domain put summerville.gallagherebc.com and it defaults the next column of original blog address of summerville.bluewaterclick.com.

    I then went to my domain manager for gallagherebc.com and created a CName of Host=summerville Points To=bluewaterclick.com

    Currently when I try to go to summerville.gallagherebc.com it goes to an Index of / page, but does not fully resolve to site nor does it resolve to the generic 'signup' page for bluewaterclick.com which I thought if that was working properly it would at least end up there.

    Do I need to park the subdomain in my CPanel for bluewaterclick.com as I have done for my tld's for it to resolve? Have I missed another step? I am have been working on trying to figure this out all day, so ANY help is appreciated. Thank you!

  2. summerville.bluewaterclick.com redirects to summerville.gallagherebc.com

    Turn off domain mapping and make sure summerville.bluewaterclick.com is okay, first.

  3. SixDev
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have turned off domain mapping and summerville.bluwaterclick.com is still good, however summerville.gallagherebc.com is still going to an Index page. Any thoughts?

  4. The best I can guess is that you didn't get the DNS right.

    You may need to change your A name for that subdomain.

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