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Domain mapping in subdirectory-install

  • Hi,

    I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to get domain mapping working on a multi-site 3.2.1 installation.

    Here’s the setup:

    I want my-long-domain-name.com (where my WP-blog is installed under my-long-domain-name.com/blog) redirected to my-easy-domain-name.com. I’ve installed the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin successfully using this guide:


    The domain at my-easy-domain-name.com is (as far as I can see) correctly set up with a DNS-pointer to my-long-domain-name.com (I’ve tried both A- and CNAME records).

    Under Domain Mapping Configuration as SuperAdmin I have added my-long-domain-name.com as the Server CNAME domain (also tried Server IP address).

    In the blog dashboard under “Domain mapping” I have added my-easy-domain-name.com and now both domains are listed under “Active domains on this blog”.

    However, nothing seems to work – and I’ve given it enough days for the DNS to settle.

    I am suspecting this is caused by the subdirectory-install and that the server at my-long-domain-name.com is running a DokuWiki web page at the root. The message we get when opening my-easy-domain-name.com is that it is parked at subsys.no (the host for my-long-domain-name.com).

    So, my questions are:
    1. Does my initial setup seem correct, or should I use a different plugin (i.e. WP-Multi-Network)?
    2. Will this setup ever work when pointing to my-long-domain-name.com (where the DokuWiki-site is the root-installation)?

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