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  • Alright, I need assistance from folks with more knowledge than I.

    I’m currently running 5.8.2 on Bluehost. I activated MultiSite back in 2017. It’s set-up for subdirectories.

    I’m now trying to domain map to one of my sites, but I’m discovering that since I installed WP in a subdirectory, everything is misery.

    If I assign the WP Site URL to MYDOMAIN.COM it breaks my access to the dashboard because, of course, WP doesn’t live in my /public_html/ domain, and it also can’t route the visitor to the correct site.

    I currently have the WP Site URL as MYDOMAIN.COM/wp/, which preserves my access to the WP dashboard.
    BUT if the URL is parked, visitors are being sent to my /public_html/, and thus not hitting WP to be routed correctly. Though, if I manually navigate to MYDOMAIN.COM/wp/ the site maps correctly. Of course, that doesn’t work in a practical sense as I want my visitors to go to the intended site from the top of the domain.

    I tried assigning my URL directly to the /wp/ directory, instead of parking it. However, that just points to the main WP install, and didn’t route it at all.

    I suspect I need to put something in .htaccess to somehow to address this problem, but that’s out of my depth.
    Has anyone successfully done this?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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